一般社団法人 日本デザインマネジメント協会

Japan Design Management Association

since 2015 Japan Design Management Association

Toshiro TAMADA Representative Director

Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Design. She completed the Department of Production Deliin, Graduate School of Arts, University of Tsukuba. After working as an assistant professor at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Center, Tohoku University of Art and Design, and a visiting professor at Helsinki University of Art and Design, he joined Tokyo Zokei University in 2006. His area of ​​expertise is industrial design and design management. He produces regional industries and pursues design development research. In 2004, JETRO adopted Yonezawa Textile, Yamagata Prefecture as "YAMAGATA STYLE" and produced an exhibition in Sweden. 2006 Design and production of Yamagata knives He is Su (Yamagata selection selection). 2011 Produced the 72nd Tokyo International Gift Show "Tradition and Japanese Brand of Modern" SOS t y l e. 2014-2018 Vice President of Tokyo Zokei University. 2021 Interior Lifesta He exhibited at Il Exhibition 2021


Toshiro Tamada (Author) 2020/4/21
Regional Design: What I learned from "Klima" in Burgundy, France
Toshiro Tamada, Neck Urata (Author) 2018/1/10
Introduction to Design Development-Introduction to Product Development and How to Use it (Japanese)
Toshiro Tamada (Author) 1994/6/1

Ryuzo HOSHINO Director

Date of Birth: December 12, 1942
Present Address: 2966-30 Negoya, Tukui-cho Kanagawa-ken, 220-0203 Japan
Marital Status: Married

1965-1967: Industrial Design Department, Post-Graduate Course, Chiba University
1973-1974: Industrial Design & Automotive Design Unit, Royal College of Art
2003-2004: Sustainable Design and Community Design, California University Berkeley

1967-1983: Toyota Motor Corporation
1967-75: Exterior Design (Corolla, Publica and Trucks)
1975-83: Advanced Design and Product Planning
1983-1986: Toyota Calty Design Research Inc., U.S.A.
Management and Lifestyle Research, New Concept Making and Advanced Automotive Design
1986-1987: Toyota Motor Corporation-Administration and Design Project Promotion
1987-2006: Tokyo Zokei University (Tokyo University of Art and Design)
Professor, Department of Industrial Design, Design Management and Automotive Design
1987: Wuxi Light-Industry Institute, China: Lecture of Industrial Design in Japan
1987-1998: Judging Committee: Japan Good Design Award
1989: Committee Chairman of the Group Training Course in Industrial Design for developing countries
organized by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)
1990: Advisory Board of Japan Management Association
1994: Gold Star Corporation, Korea: Lecture of Corporate Design System in Japan
1995: India Institute of Technology, India: Lecture of Automotive Design in Japan


1990: A Corroborative Study of Design Management---Japanese Society for Science of Design
1996: A Study of Design Management in Japan & Korea--- Tokyo Zokei University
1998: A Study of Creativity in the Organization--- Tokyo Zokei University

1978: French Industrial Design Award <Dyna>
1985: Japan Good Design Award <Markll, MR2>
1996: Japan Good Design Special Award <Previa>

Hideo KURISAKA Director

1962年 金沢美術工芸大学 デザイン科 工業デザイン卒業
 〃   財団法人 日本機械デザインセンター (通商産業省・現経済産業省外郭団体)入職    
1989年 日本機械デザインセンター退職 個人事務所パシフィックデザインアソシエーツの運営を開始デザインコンサルタント及び調査を 主要業務として現在に至る。

現在、学校法人東洋美術学校クリエイティブデザイン科 非常勤講師   


ヒット商品はデザインで決まる 1990年 エール出版社刊     
現在、日経産業新聞 トレンド語りを連載中

Yoshio KATOH Director

Born in Osaka ,Japan in 1954.
After engagiimg a graphic designer (1977-1986) and a planning and management director of a contemporary art gallery (1986-1997), Yoshio Katoh opened Contemporary Art Planning KATOH YOSHIO OFFEICE (1997-present). Yoshio Katoh became an independent curator and an art critic.
Osaka Prefecture Cultural Staff / General Producer (2003-2005), Osaka Prefecture / Osaka City "Water Capital Osaka 2009" Art Advisor Committee & Judge(2008-2009), The Gunma Biennale For Young Artists Judging Committee Chairman (2008/2010), Aichi Triennale Regional Development Project "Arts Challenge" Aichi Art Program Committee & Curator (2008-2013)

Currently, the director of Contemporary Art Planning KATOH YOSHIO Office , the director of the Takarazuka Arts Center, a visiting professor at Osaka University of Arts, a visiting professor at Osaka Coollege of Arts, and a part-time lecturer at The Open University of Japan, Kobe University, and Musashino Art University. in charge of "Art Review" for Asahi Shimbun Osaka Head Office.
Member of the Ashiya City Cultural Promotion Council, director of Society for Arts and Anthropology , director of Association for the Promotion of Contemporary Art in Japan, director of the Japan Design Management Association, and director of the Society for Presenting Art to Museums. member of International Association of Arts Critcs aica japan, member of the Japan Association for Cultural Policy Research, and member of Japan Association for Arts Management.

Major Published books:

"Art Management" / "Learn Art Management" Musashino Art University Press,
“Complete Works of Contemporary Art Planning KATOH YOSHIO OFFICE 1997-2007(Editing and writing),Published by Osaka Zoukei Center, "αM Project ANNUAL REPORT 2006 / Room of Life" Musashino Art University Press "A Retrospective of the 40 Years of Metal Works / Yoo Lizzy" Nzbizang, "GUTAI STILL ALIVE 2015 VOL.1" Karuizawa Foundation New Art Museum etc.

Tetsuro HAKAMADA Director

tetsuro HAKAMADA
1959 Born in Akita prefecture.
1981 Graduated from Chiba University Industrial Design Department.
1981 to 1995 Hino Motors, Ltd. Design division
1990 Woked as a liaison designer at Calty Design Research, Inc.
1995 to 1999 Worked as a design manager at Hirano & Associates, Inc.
1999 Became an independent product designer
2008 to 2021 Teach product design at Nippon Engineering College.

Shigeaki SUGAWARA Director

2004-2006  General manager [Toyota Design DiDOB: 07/18/1952 
Education:1969-1973 IKUEI Technical college, Department of Industrial Design
      :1973-1992  Exterior designer  [Design Div.] & [Tokyo Design Center] 
Product development design = 1981 CELICA, 1983 COROLLA SEDAN,
1989 MR, 1992 SPRINTER MARINO,の外形デザイン.
1993-1996  Manager [Design Div.]
Product development design = 1995 COROLLA series / Exterior designのチーフ.
1997-2003  Chief creative designer [Tokyo Design Div. Sugawara Studio]
 Advance developmentv. No1. Design Center]
2007-2012  Project general manager [Tokyo Design Div. Design Center]
2012-2017   Contract designer [Global Design Planning Div. Design Center]
Human resource development = Creator training
OTHERS / Creative education
2004-2006 Instructor = Chukyo university
2007-2017 Design committee member = Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc
2009-2018 Instructor = Chiba university
2018- Instructor = Tokyo zokei university
2021- Instructor = Tokyo metropolitan university

Toru KIMURA Director

Toru Kimura is the President of Kimura Design Laboratory corp., an independent design office focused on automotive design, since April 2017. Prior to this, I was working at Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd as Chief Liaison Officer of the Kawasaki Motorcycle and Engine Company from April 2011 to March 2017. Prior to this, from April 2005 to March 2011, I worked as a Professor of Industrial Design and Design Management at the Nagoya Institute of technology. Until 2009, I was the director of the International Car Engineering Research Center, and did some research on the theme "Cars of the Future" and took part in the nurturing of Car Super Engineers. In 2010, I won a Good Design Award for the Personal Mobility XFV car model and became Director of the Design Engineering Department Before this, I worked at Toyota Motor Corporation from April 1973 to March 2005. During this time, I designed several car models including the Corolla Hardtop (original design), Recreational Vehicle Carib (original idea), Tercel Coupe (original idea). I also was seconded to Calty Design Research,Inc. in the USA for 3 years where I worked with the American team and proposed designs for Toyota cars such as the Sera, Supra models. When I came back to Japan, I worked in the External Design Division of Toyota. After having created the original design of the Carina ED 4door Hardtop model, I was seconded to the Tecno Art Research Co.,Ltd (Toyota Design Group) and worked there as a Managing Director. I directed the design team for models such as the Crown Majesta, Windom and Chaser. When I came back to the Toyota head office, I took part in the design of Toyota cars such as Harrier and i-unit models as Chief Designer. I won several awards for Altezza and IS2000 models such as the Good Design Award, Golden Marker Trophy, Japan Car of the Year Award. I also took part in the strategic organization of the Lexus brand and Toyota Design brand. I worked at Kimura Design Laboratory, Inc. as a part time job since 2007.

Books, treatises and achievements

Strategy and Car Design "Inheritance and Innovation of Tradition" (JSSD Japanese Society for Design) 2006/5
Cost Design-Toyota / Researcher's Practical Community Theory (Co-author) 2017/3
Automotive Aerodynamic Technology (Co-authored) (Journal of society of Automotive Engineers of Japan ) 2017/9
Car Design 10 Years (Journal of society of Automotive Engineers of Japan) 2010/1
Design and body development (Journal of society of Automotive Engineers of Japan) 2018/7
Overcome challenges with logical thinking & design thinking (Journal of society of Automotive Engineers of Japan) 2019/6
The importance of "regret after doing it rather than regret without doing it" (Japan Automotive Hall of Fame) 2020/12
(Academic paper) Aerodynamics and vehicle outline design (Journal of society of Automotive Engineers of Japan ) 2015/4

有限会社木村デザイン研究所 https://plusk-design.com

Osamu NAMABA Director

1979 Graduated from Tsukuba University, Faculty of Art and Design, Production Design Course. In the same year he joined Suzuki Motor Corporation.
1986-87 Worked on running prototypes for Carrozzeria Michelotti in Italy.
1990-92 Collaboration with SEAT, Spain.
1994 Establishment of a private office. Worked as a freelance designer in automotive design, brand strategy, future product planning and back-up for corporate design work.
2008 Head of Design, Subaru Corporation.
2013 CED(Chief Executive Designer), SUBARU. 
2015 Professor of Transportation Laboratory, Department of Industrial Art, Faculty of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University.
2015 Corporate Design Consultant.

Osamu Namba: "The Meaning of Designing SUBARU" Sanei Shobo 2017/4/27
ISBN978-4-7796-3269-3 C0076 ¥1500E


Shinji TAKASHIMA Director

1983 Tama Art University
Toyota Motors, Exterior designer, Styling Design Div.
1990 Honda R&D, Wako Styling Design Div.
2000 Tokyo: Advanced design Div.
2001 LA: Honda R&D Americas, Design Division Director
2004 LA: Acura Design Division Director
2008 Milan: Honda R&D Europe, Milano Design, Senior Vice President
2011 London: Honda R&D Europe, Advanced Research, Head of Research
2012 Honda R&D, Wako Styling Design Div. Motor Show CE
2013 Honda Motors, Brand Planning Office, CE
2016 Honda R&D, Tech-PR General Manager
2017 Honda R&D, Development Strategy Planning Office
2019 Honda R&D, Life Creation Center, Strategy Planning Div.


2016 “Let’s go with personal mobility which will change the future”
Journal of Society of Automobile Engineers of Japan

1998 Car Of The Year award of “Motor Trend” at Honda Accord
2002-03 Design Guidance Collaborator at Art Center College of Design and Art Institute of Seattle
2006 North American’s Truck of The Year award at Honda Ridgeline
2018 Contribution Award, Society of Automobile Engineers of Japan

Kimitaka KATO Adviser

Joined Fujitsu Limited in 1977. As the director of the General Design Center, he is in charge of designing various fields such as products, spaces, universals, web, and services as information devices and systems evolve. In addition, he established Fujitsu Design Co., Ltd. (first president and representative director), and then participated in design company management and head office marketing (brand, public relations IR, publicity) activities as SVP (design strategy), Marketing Reform Project Office, Fujitsu Limited. Then, practice "design management" and work on the realization and acceleration of innovation by "design thinking" as a methodology. In June 2017, he became the managing director of the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. He continues to the present. In addition, he is a part-time lecturer at "Kyushu University" and "Kurashiki University of Science and Technology", and a director of Future Center Alliance Japan (FCAJ).

Kaoru URATA Special Member

1971 年6 月11 日 東京生まれ
1995 年 ECOLE CAMONDO 大学卒業 インテリア・プロダクト・環境デザイン学校 5 年制 2001 年 日本政府公  2 級建築士取得


ジャーナリスト業(海外プレス協会公 ジャーナリストメンバー)
1997 年~  術・文化 連 事を定期的に執筆/取材の企画からコーディネート業
2002 年~ パリを拠点にデザイン・建築・アート ジャーナリスト 日本 ・フランス で執筆 デザイン・建築専  商店建築 / 日経デザイン / デザインの現場 / AXIS仏建築   L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui / L’Agenceur 一般 Nature&Science /Forbes 等

翻訳・訳業  日本 /フランス /   

1998 年~ 日系、外 系企業の翻訳・ 訳業務 を定期的に手がける
デザイン、建築、 術、伝統工 、ファッション、 、 光など文化に精 した内容
産業や企業 のプロジェクトの会議 、ビジネスマッチング 訳 、交渉、 時 訳の経 も豊富

営業・ 売業

1998 年~2002 年 アートプランナーとしてギャラリー勤務 東京 株式会社インターオフィスhhstyle.com 事業 インテリアショップ勤務 東京 


・フランス国立造形美術ブール大学 デザイン科の審査員メンバー パリ2006 年/2008 年 
・同校のワークショップ企画プロデュース「江戸川伝統工 とブール校」他 東京造形大学との定期的なワークショップ 催と パリ・ 日本 2008 年~2018 年 
・「デザイン キッチン」展の企画プロデュース パリ 2008 年~2009 年 
・メゾン オブジェ イエアー・オブ・デザイナーNOW! 吉岡徳仁の 演プレゼンテ―ター パリ2012 年 
・人 国宝で友禅染め作家森口 彦の上映会と 演会モデレーター パリ2014 年 
・仏人 国宝ガラス師エマニュエル・バロワと協働 2011 年~ 
企業インセンティヴ、交渉に する 察・リサーチ・コーディネーション業にも応じる

Midori TSUNOI Special Member

After graduating from Painting Course in Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design in 1986, learned wool spinning and hand weaving as an assistant at Okubo Fuyuko Ateliter (Tokyo). 1990-1992 studied Weaving at Fredrika Wetterhoff School of Arts and Crafts, Hämeenlinna, Finland. In 2008 completed Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree at Design and Architecture in Aalto University School of Arts (previous Taideteollinen korkeakoulu). Designed textile products at Fredrika Wetterhoff Foundation (1992-1993). From 2008 worked as a freelance designer based in Finland offering textile designs and illustrations to various Japanese and Finnish companies. Engaged with exchange and introduction of cultural heritages between Japan and Finland through arts and crafts workshops.

Maki TAMADA Special Member

平成19年〜尚絅学院大学総合人間科学部助教授を経て、現在は尚絅学院大学総合人間科学系 芸術・スポーツ部門 教授、専門:アパレルデザイン、服飾文化


1)日本繊維機械学会繊維リサイクル技術研究会 回収分別分科会編(共著)「循環型社会と繊維」繊維リサイクル技術研究主な会、2012
2) 伊藤紀之編著、宮武恵子、玉田真紀、畑久美子共著「生活デザインの体系」三共出版、2012 3) 文部科学省著作教科書高等学校用、神野由紀、玉田真紀、常見美紀子、中川麻子、長沢幸子編著「ファッションデザイン」2012
4) 玉田真紀「折衷・曖昧さからの独創力ー日本の伝統的衣服と地場産業からの考察」日本デザイン学会デザイン学特集号「日本のファッションデザイン:世界の視座、日本の視座」19 (4)P.36412012             
5) 玉田真紀「日本における繊維リサイクルの変遷ー近世古着問屋の成立と故繊維の用途」日本繊維機械学会誌、63(10)P.5595622010       

Kazunori INOMATA Special Member

株式会社KIDS 代表 / NPO法人 Mission ARM Japan  副理事長 / 東京零環ライオンズクラブ 医療福祉支部 会長
デジタルハリウッド大学 / HAL東京カーデザイン / 湘南工科大学 非常勤講師